Thursday, May 12, 2005

Don't like the weather in Texas...wait five minutes

The Frisco Commons gig is an outdoor show, if I failed to mention that previously. So the tough part now is the weather. Chris, Dan and I have watched the weather with interest, along with our teams, all week. This is the downside of outdoor shows, but I'm hoping we'll be okay.

Weather is hard to predict more than literally a few hours out, so we are planning a go/no go call on Saturday at noon. Right now, Accuweather's hour by hour for Frisco is calling for a shower around 10 AM. Looks like the front is trending earlier, not later, so I'm hoping for it to look better with every weather prog release, which happens every 12 hours or so. I think this link will have updated information: If you follow it, try going to zip code 75035, click the 15 day forecast, and the "hour-by-hour" link for 5/14. If rain shows up after 1:00 PM on this chart, we'll have to postpone to our raindate, 5/21.

To be safe, I'm buying a bunch of plastic covers for everyone's equipment tonight.


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