Saturday, September 02, 2006

Gigster Clinic debuts

The following appeared in the Dallas Morning News, Neighbors suppliment for Frisco, Texas on September 2, 2006.


School of rock meets business school at first clinic

A powerhouse of North Texas musical talent attended the inaugural sessions of the Gigster Clinic Aug. 26 to share and learn about the art, science and business of music.

The musicians, songwriters and composers learned about forming their act, enlisting technical and marketing support, show and marketing project management, sound systems, lights and acoustical theory.

Referring to the session and the accompanying textbook, Melanie Tyson said, "This was an awesome clinic. We learned so much and know that we will refer back to the guide time and time again -- there’s so much info in there."

Tyson is a parent who audited the clinic so she could better support her daughter, Faith [of Faith 11:1], a performer from Wylie.

David Vermette, with Christian band Enamored, added, "It was incredibly helpful, and I know I’m going to be constantly referring to that book as I try to build a fan base for my band."

The beauty of this clinic is that it walks participants through the textbook so they get really familiar with how it is laid out and can return to the checklists, diagrams and guidance for the next several years. Every time a band reconfigures, the textbook can provide useful information in selecting the right equipment for the new band configuration.

The performers in attendance represented a variety of musical styles including jazz, punk, emo, funk, folk, adult contemporary, country and Contemporary Christian. Performers can use the information shared in the clinic no matter what genre of music they play.

In attendance were Aaron Yuhas, C. Aaron Moore, Dan Scott Parr, David Vermette, Diane Hart, Faith [of Faith 11:1], Tyler Keating, Joyce Sanders, Linda Nobel, Mel Tyson, Michael Reames, and The AC.

The clinic will be offered again in October, November and possibly January.

Visit, call 972-841-0226 or e-mail for more information.


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