Saturday, June 21, 2008

Local "Rockin' Bluesman" Goes International

Michael “The Mudcat” Reames came to Frisco, Texas from Oak Cliff—by way of New Orleans. In an odyssey that took him from playing as a teenager with Stevie Ray Vaughan in the band Liberation, to jamming with the fledgling ZZ Top, to singing in a Yes tribute band, to rocking the New Orleans Club scene, to returning to North Texas after Katrina blew it all away, The Mudcat has pretty much seen it all. For the last two years he has helped to found the Collin County Songwriters Association, and is one of its most outspoken ambassadors. Through it all, the playing, singing, and blues harmonica playing hasn’t stopped. He can now be seen playing at a number of showcases and clubs, and the appearances have turned more frequent, as the association teams up with the Visual Arts Guild for a number of art shows in the area.

Now The Mudcat embarks on a new CD project that has ties to UK and Europe. In mid-July, he will begin a major recording initiative at The Vault Studios in Houston, where he is the not-so-silent partner of producer/engineer, David Williams (former drummer for Hall and Oates, Diana Ross, The Ojays, etc., and former record company executive).

In his spare time, Mr. Reames has been working his Myspace page like a pro. In doing so he has, like many players on this side of the pond, made a number of connections overseas. But in his case, he’s actually gotten people excited enough to come to Texas to record his material. Among the various musicians involved in the project is Bron Buick, a guitarist from London. Bron got involved because he want to cover Reames’ song “Love Sickness,” which he will place on his own release and bring back to the UK and Europe when the mix is finished. Bron will perform on other songs on Reames’ CD as well.

In an effort to reach out beyond Texas’ borders, The Mudcat also recruited West Indies musician, “Cash,” and brought back Reames old friend, co-writer and collaborator Wayne Folse, the stellar blues and rock guitarist from New Orleans.

Members of the Collin County Songwriters Association, who have been collaborating with Reames on an association compilation, will also meet on the session to complete some recordings started in May. The sessions will be taped by CCSA member Sam Moore who is currently working on a series pilot about Texas music.

Bron Buick, a London native, has toured extensively through Europe including Scandinavia and England with his own band Buick Hill Band, with Bron as the front man with guitarist Chris Hill. He’ll be touring the US when he takes time out in July to do the session with The Mudcat in Houston.

Bron says, “I have come a long way, from playing to two people who were just trying to get a beer at the top of their lungs, to 130,000+”

Bron’s forthcoming album “Battered and Bluesed” is his second. His first CD is entitled “Just a Thought...” One of his tracks, “Lovin' Lucy” was featured in the compilation CD “Rock 4 Life,” now in stores around the world.

“I am so happy to be able to get a man of his obvious talent and love of the blues to play and make some good music,” says Reames. “With the help of my friends Wayne and Dave we ought to turn out some good stuff.”

Ryan Michael Galloway (music business education) (the Ryan Michael Galloway music and education portal)


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