Saturday, October 21, 2006

Frisco Storytelling Festival: RMG kickoff

For the third year in a row, I was honored to kick off the Friday night performances for the annual Frisco Storytelling Festival, October 20th, 2006.

As usual, Shelley Holley and her team at the Frisco Library did their outstanding job of project management and organization. What was different this year was the venue, our new city council chambers--a unique room and stage with an intimate atmosphere and (with Tom on the sound board) great acoustics.

A number of months ago I attended the first Frisco City Council meeting in the new coucil chambers. I remember sitting in the back and saying to myself that I'd love to do a musical performance in this room, but it would probably never happen. Lo and behold, here I was getting to play this incredible room just a few months later.

Another change from previous years was the crowd--standing room only! The night sold out and I got to play for an attentive audience in a wonderfully intimate invironment. Stage, lights, good acoustics, and eye contact with 300+ people--a musician can hardly ask for more.

I'm sure people wondered why a singer/songwriter would lead off a night of storytelling. I explained that songs either are stories, or have stories behind them. Emboldened by my recent experience with New York City audiences, I challenged them to listen to a complete show of original music. They didn't disappoint me. The whole show consisted of songs most of them hadn't heard. They stayed with me to the end, bopping along, clapping rhythm where I needed them, and giving me back the energy I needed to keep me going.

Thanks, Frisco. A great night.


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