Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rockin' the Park Rides Again

Some of you may remember that this whole blog started when I wanted to share the development and lessons learned from the first "Rockin' the Park" show in Frisco, Texas. The show will happen, once again, this spring on April 29, 2006 at 6:00 PM, back in Frisco Commons Park, 8000 McKinney Road, in the amphitheater.

This time we're pushing the event into the evening to take advantage of the cooler temperatures. The city informed me that 500 people cycled through last time, so this event might grow a bit. Changes include a wider variety of performers (still mostly singer/songwriter types) because we have a newly formed organization that will present the event: The Collin County Songwriters Association. We will also use the event to collect food for Frisco Family Services (FFS). The city has okayed CD sales for this performance, so the artists will also donate a part of their CD proceeds to FFS.

The usual list of suspects has also changed. Joining C. Aaron Moore, Dan Scot Parr, and me is former Blue Rocker, Michael Reames from New Orleans. Not only does Michael have a great voice--appropriate for everything from blues to Sinatra standards--he has a lot of great ideas and unstoppable energy. Beyond that, we have a bunch of talented members who are ready to get up on stage and share some great original music with us.

Watch this space for further developments. We have a jump on the event this time, so publicity is already starting. Now to pull together the equipment, personnel and order...and here we go again!