Thursday, January 08, 2009

Your "coach" awaits--instruction and mentoring, live one-on-one

I'm starting to get lots of queries about my recent decision to offer one-on-one mentoring and instruction via videoconference on Skype's free calling system. Have you ever wanted to get private instruction to help your songwriting get better, learn about recording your next (or first) CD, or improve your playing? In many cases, this kind of help isn't available anywhere, let alone in your town.

I'm offering lessons and mentoring in these three specialties to a limited number of clients. Actually, I won't be offering Advanced Guitar in Dallas, because I don't want to compete with all the great guitar instructors that I can refer you to here. But if you'd like songwriting or recording help—or you live in an area outside of North Texas (like Mongolia, Tibet, or Oklahoma) then get with me and will develop a plan to improve your game.

For songwriting, learn:

-Key songwriting techniques for virtually any style of music, at any skill level of songwriting
-What is a hook and what are the different kinds?
-Why a hook can act as a "magnet" for great lyrics
-The secret to writing songs that people want to listen to
-Basic music theory and ear training just for songwriters
-How to avoid "pretty words" syndrome
-How to make your song mean something
-Story songs, comedic songs, and the "slow windup"
-Why your songs-in-progress are working or not, with gentle, nurturing and constructive critique

For record producing, learn:

-How to structure the recording process for maximum creativity and minimum time (cost)
-What to look for in a commercial recording studio
-How to use dynamics—the earmark of a professional recording and a well-seasoned musician
-How The Beatles, CSN, Eagles, Poco and others get that fat harmony sound
-What pitch correction is, and if/when you should use it
-How to use compression, chorusing, noise gating and other techniques to make your sound better
-How to play instruments in an ensemble and make the mix easier (hint: it has to do with your bass player)
-The most difficult instrument to record, and what do about it

For advanced guitar lessons (outside of North Texas), learn:

-How to find a major or minor key
-How to find the key you want to play lead in
-Basic ear training and how it applies to your leads
-Basic music theory and how it applies to that crazy fingerboard
-Bending notes for country effects
-Bending notes for blues effects
-Pattern playing—a shortcut to sounding good on lead
-Double-picking, pull-off and hammer-on techniques
-Passing tones, slide ins and atonal sequences
-Wolftones/harmonics, and how to get them on any note you want
-Note stretching and "screaming" effects
-How to launch to the next level of improvisation

I'd appreciate it if you would pass this information to musicians you know who are "on-the-rise."

Ryan Michael Galloway, 972-841-0226
Nominee, Texas State Musician (2009)
Chairman, Collin County Songwriters Association