Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dano debuts new songs for kids

For years, Dan Scot Parr has written and performed music for adults—but his life has always been connected to kids. As a teacher and elementary school administrator in Collin County, he’s been inside their heads for a long time. A few years ago, he started dabbling with children’s songs, and had so much fun he couldn’t stop. Now, known as “Dano” by his younger friends, he has released an entire CD of original children’s songs—an organic collection of fun wordplay and fantasy.
Lest you think Dano is another purple dinosaur, let me assure you that you will not need to pop antacid while your kids listen to his music and you try to seclude yourself from the sound. His songs tell some wild tales, and he challenges his listeners to think a little about what they’re hearing. Far from banal, for an elementary school student the material is engaging. For the adults around, there are some interesting musical and lyrical layers. You might even find the songs inspire some spirited conversation about what things mean, and what that sound is. In addition to guitar, vocals, bass and percussion, the record is embellished with an impressive kazoo solo and some mighty fine whistling.
For his part, Dano is taking his music to the people. He’s playing parties, PTA events, school assemblies and any place where children need growth-oriented entertainment.
"I like for the kids (and parents) to feel like they are part of the show or maybe part of the band,” says Dano. “Most of these songs are meant to be sing-alongs or call and response songs, so the more they sing with me the more fun we all have. The songs are also very percussive, so I like to get the kids involved in that aspect of the show. I want the songs to be fun and entertaining, but I try to lead each song with something educational.”
His records, and booking information, can be found at http://www.danorecords.com/, and you can also visit him on his Myspace site, www.Myspace.com/DanoRecords.