Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be releasing a new EP slated for December. I've been hard at work in Ron Logan's "Shabby Road Studio" in Desoto, with a twist on recording techniques. Most of the music so far has been recorded on a digital recorder as I roam all over the North Texas countryside picking up pieces from contributing players--returning occasionally to the studio to load the tracks into the main project. Ron has artfully knitted the pieces together, completing exceptional mixes for the EP's titular "Rock the Big House Down," and "I Can't Get There From Here."

Three more tracks will be completed in December. Tentatively, they are "If God Could Sleep," "I Know What I Know," and "When the Full Moon Loves You."

Embedded here is a picture of me hanging with part of the horn section for "Rock the Big House Down." Meet my compadres, Derrell, Aaron and Nathan. Derrell played tuba, Aaron played sax, and Nathan played trumpet. Aaron also served as on the spot arranger and horn section lead. Thanks, guys! Photo is by Jenny Yuhas, who wants me to pass along how good looking she thinks you guys are. :-)

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